Holy Arrow is a single screen action arcade game with beautiful 16-bit style graphics and music.

You play as an aspiring superhero who must win her admission into the Superhero Alliance by going through the ritual of defending the planet from an alien invasion!

Once every 10 years, aliens invade the planet to try and conquer it. The aliens are pretty weak for most of our planet's superheroes so the Superhero Alliance takes this chance to let newcomers prove their worth and join the Alliance, by successfully fending off the invaders they'll be allowed into the alliance: this is called the Ritual of Admission. A superhero called Holy Arrow stepped up to the task, and must now try to survive, win her prestige and defend the planet all at once!


Keyboard controls.

  • Z key - Shoot
  • X key - Jump
  • C key - Run (hold)
  • Arrow keys - Move left/right
  • F4 - Full Screen toggle

Gamepad is partially supported.

  • Button 4 - Shoot
  • Button 3 - Jump
  • Button 8 - Run (hold)
  • Left analog stick - Move left/right


  • Colourful 16-bit style sprites.
  • Poppy FM synth music.
  • Simple arcade style gameplay.
  • Bad english, adding to the feel of the poorly translated japanese games from the arcade era.


The game was developed during the Global Game Jam 2016 event and then expanded throughout the year. You can play the GGJ version by clicking here.


Pal: Game Design, Sprite Design, Music Arrangement, Programming.

Sapo de Batalla - Original Music Composition.

-Inverse - Background Art.

boomlinde - Sound Effects.

surt - Tile Art.

Install instructions


  • Uncompress the RAR file in a location of your choice
  • Run nw.exe


  • Uncompress the RAR file in a location of your choice
  • Using the terminal move to the location of the game and execute the following command: "chmod a+x nw"
  • Execute nw either via terminal or file manager


win32.rar 38 MB
linux32.rar 46 MB
linux64.rar 45 MB
osx64.rar 95 MB